StarSafe : The electronic archiving in the scope of dematerialization

The growing phenomenon of dematerialization of a company’s documents necessarily leads to the electronic archiving of all these dematerialized documents.

In addition to the legal obligation, it goes without saying that not physically printing the documents makes it essential to archive them electronically, unless one ends up printing a copy of the electronic document for filing purposes.

Two policies are possible to preserve these masses of documents:

  • Storing multi-documents PDF files in which the user will have seeks the document he needs. In addition to a considerable waste of time searching through storage space, which will grow day after day, this system raises the problem of security: how to prevent a given user to access payrolls which he is not supposed to since all the files are stored in a single place?
  • Structured archiving such as our electronic archiving module offers just that: only the users duly authorized to access a document will be able to consult it, all the other users be rejected.

Our electronic archiving solution also allows the encryption of the documents and guarantees their authenticity, which makes the contents safe from all possible alteration by third-parties.

An intuitive interface facilitates its use by anyone knowing how to use a browser (Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc…).