StarSafe is an efficient, reliable and secured electronic archiving system. Fully based upon user's usual web browser, he provides an easy way to securely access archived enterprise documents.

Keys points

StarSafe suppresses the need for physical warehousing space, definitively avoids the risk for paper damage, eliminates search delay and gives users a chance to establish logical links between heterogeneous documents.

StarSafe is able to archive all and any company documents : invoices, pay slips, purchase orders, account statements, Office files, emails… in their orginal formats.

StarSafe can process huge volumes in a reduced time frame.


StarSafe insures both users and authorities that displayed documents fully compliy with the documents that have been included in the archives and that they have not been altered since archived.

StarSafe prevents any unauthorized access to your documents from unexpected users.

StarSafe provides users with an intuitive and simple interface to reduce training effort and cost required to fully benefit the electronic archiving system power