StarParaph® is a full web signature binder system which allows one to define approval, visa and signatures which are required for a document to be validated.

Built upon a well known environment (favorite users’ WEB browser), StarParaph® submits documents to each member of their validation circuits until they become « validated ».

Functional capabilities

  • Create an original PDF document eventually signed;
  • Provide a way to attach additional files;
  • Provide a way to add time-stamped comments (electronic post-its);
  • Configure hierarchical or non-hierarchical circuits;
  • Automatically build a detailed event tracking and indicate current document’s state in the circuit;
  • Report occuring events for a given document in its circuit;
  • Allow « private » user to user comments;
  • Inform users by mail;
  • Manage delays and send alerts to respect validation dates;
  • Provide a single interface for all functionalities;
  • User friendly : regular user appropriates StarParaph® within less than 15 minutes;
  • Record and track events;
  • Allow document to be sent thourgh e-mails, posts or other configurable processes;
  • Garantee document’s integrity over its life cycle;
  • Ensure security by maintaining exchanges confidentiality;
  • Manage access rights;
  • Delegation capability (manages absences, vacation or business trips…);
  • Send document, attached files and validation process tracking report to archiving system (automatic interface with StarSafe®);
StarParaph® ensures your company that any processed document will be submitted to all of its circuit user for validation.
Circuits are configured by the StarParaph® administration authority or can be configured ‘on line’ by users for exceptional needs.
A circuit is made of several steps for which a user or a group of user is allowed to intervene. Each step can be conditioned : for example, incoming invoices must be validated by the General Manager if total amount is greater than 15 000 dollars; the other ones can be validated by the Purchase Deptartment Manager.
Upon connection (password secured), user discovers on his workspace all the documents which are waiting for his decision (or for his users group’ decision). He may also check in which state or step are currently located documents he previously submitted in a circuit or manage his delegation.
Users for which StarParaph® grants access in a given step may select from several decisions : definitely validate (if this step is the last one for the document’s circuit), reject (either for correction or refusal). One may also build a consultation circuit on line to get additional information before making his decision. According to capabilities which have been provided to user, he/she may add comments (electronic post-it) or attach files.
Once a document is validated in the last step of a circuit, it is definitively validated. It can then be electronicaly send by e-mail (after being electronicaly signed if required), or printed for sending by paper mail or it can be submitted to any configured process which has been configured by the circuit Administrator. Documents can also be automaticaly sent to StarSafe® for electronic archiving. Together with the document, StarParaph® will also send to the archiving system : comments written by intervening users, attached files added during the validation process and a tracking report of the validation process (date, time, user and decision).
At any time, documents under validation process can be identified. One can check at which step they are and how much time they spent waiting for a given step.
StarParaph® is a 100% web program, thus reducing users training to a simple presentation of its functionalities.
StarParaph® is designed to support crypted communications (https) to ensure an absolute security during the validation process.
On top of that, during the workflow and archiving process, one may enable an embedded integrity control system that ensures that documents have not been altered or modified.
Quality document validation, invoices approval, reimbursement authorization, expenses approvals, quote checking, vacation requests, etc.…

Main Characteristics
  • Can be used with any OS (web application : Mac – UNIX – Linux – Windows)
  • Fully compatible with any kind of files (office, images, sounds, ASCII, etc.)
  • Complete Administration
  • Intuitive users interfaces
  • English and French version. Easily translatable to other languages
  • Compatible and adaptable to seat with any other software on the market
  • Built-in automatic interface with StarSafe®

StarParaph® and StarSafe® are registered trade marks of APPIC.