StarPage Production

StarPage is the production printing application of the StarJet solution. It works on data flow generated by an application and produces documents tailored to the recipient, and the medium of delivery (PDF, PCL, XML, ASCII, fax, e-mail…).

StarPage seamlessly converts reports into enhanced paper or electronic documents, without requiring any modification of you existing data or programs.
It interacts with data streams coming from StarDispatch or from your usual application programs (in house, SAP/R3, MFG-PRO, JDE, ORACLE Application….).
StarPage builds dynamic documents [forms, invoices, pay slips, checks, tax forms, labels, bar codes…] according to specifications defined using StarJet Design.
Furthermore StarPage can turn your « old time’ report into a PDF document or a XML stream if the organization you are dealing with requires such information channel.
StarPage limits the number of application / data base extraction programs required, avoiding both redundancy and multiple accesses to the same database. It doesn’t matter which type of processing is required, StarPage does it all.
Nominal printers’ speeds are maintained without any loss of printing performance and any reprinting of defective pages is managed at the individual page level.
Specific characters and character sets are supported including Arabic script and all available bar code fonts.

All documents generated by StarPage are fully compatible with the StarSafe archiving module, as well as alternative third party archival software..

Mains features

Operates from document designs generated by StarJet Design
Available for UNIX, MPE, Open VMS, Windows, Linux…
Operates with any production applications: SAP/R3, MFG/PRO, JDE, Oracle, in house applications …
Supported input files : ASCII, SAP/RDI, XML, CSV, spool files …
Possible outputs : PCL, ASCII, XML, EDI, PDF…
Converts dates and numbers to litterals for English, French, Spanish and Portuguese
Data content testing capability
Full access to system level external variables
Supports internal printers’ fonts
Supports customs, downloadable fonts [CMC7, Cyrillic, Hebrew…] Supports bar codes
Optional support of Arabic script
Supports both monochrome and color TIFF files for inclusion in documents
Automatic conversion of BMP files into characters using downloadable fonts

Access to standard functions with StarJet solution:

  • arithmetic operations (+, -, *, /, modulo)
  • character string operations (extract, compare, align, uppercase, lowercase, concatenate…)
  • Algorithms for bar codes 59, Interleave 2by5, EAN13, EAN 8, Code 93, Code 128 and Postnet
  • PDF417 supported through the use a single downloadable font (optional)

Configuration of printer page layouts

  • Dynamic choice of feeder and output trays
  • Dynamic choice of paper formats [standard or personalized]
  • Dynamic choice of simplex-duplex mode
  • Dynamic choice of page orientation [portrait, landscape]
  • [all these choices can be varied form one page to another within a single printed document]

Advanced programming functions [While, If-then-else, For, Case, macros…] Printer restart available from a selected page number

StarPage is a SAP Complimentary Software Certified Program. [SAP/Raw Data Interface].
StarPage functions as English or French versions under MPE, OPEN VMS, Unix, Linux
and all 32 bits Windows servers and workstations supported by Microsoft..