StarPage PDF option: automatic production of PDF documents

The costs induced by the production of paper documents makes the dematerialization of a company’s incoming or outgoing documents very attractive. SarPage has for this purpose several optional modules allowing:

  •  To produce B&W PDF files,
  • To produce Color PDF files,
  • To produce PDF/A files. These documents are compliant with NF Z 42-013 standards and are intended for electronic archiving,
  • To produce Color PDF documents intended to be modified by users after their production.

Thus, Contracts of Employment likely to be amended, are automatically produced in Color PDF to be easily modified before being printed or emailed to the new employee.

In the same way, an impression “`with the request”’ can give place to the generation of a file pdf containing the document required which is placed at the disposal, in an absolutely transparent way of the applicant by a link on the print server.

In the same way, « on-demand » printing can generate a PDF document that will be placed at the disposal of the requestor, who will then receive a link leading to the actual document, on a print server.