StarOCR : dematerialization of documents and character recognition (OCR)

StarOcr is the digitizing module for paper documents, whether they be incoming or pulled from your traditional file cabinets. In addition to its capacity to control a wide range of scanners, StarOcr has two different operating modes: an automatic mode mainly intended for the treatment of numerous familiar and structured documents (established forms or invoices from well-known suppliers) and a manual mode particularly used for unrecognizable our poorly identified documents.

Any error detection or any defect in the recognition process (the failing level is customizable) rejects the document and sends it to a basket where the documents are to be controlled. The human verification operator has a graphic interface which enables him to visualize the affected document and manually complete the indexes coding.

This is the same process used when processing manually the documents. As the outcome of this identification process (automatic or manual), the administrator will be able to configure several other treatments:

  • ¬†Insert the digitized document in a specific validation circuit in the workflow module (electronic signature book),
  • Index and load the document in an electronic archive.