StarOcr Acquisition

With StarOCR, indexing and classifying documents scanned under formats such as BMP, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, as well as PDF type documents is rapid and straightforward. StarOCR automatically loads the index database used by StarFind, and functioning as a client/server, manages data entry pooling and simultaneous index updating.

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Digitally recorded images in JPEG, BMP and TIFF formats, are anchored to reference points and repositioned to ensure correct alignment, rotation and parallelism.

Images are analyzed and automatically classified using ADR (automatic document recognition) techniques.
Each folder owns its own control template which is used to define both index fields and storage location.

Data thoroughly controlled. An OCR engine is activated to automatically generate the indice for each document found in the folder. Additional control fields (obligatory field, optional field …) can also be included as test parameters. All documents successfully processed are transferred to a “Finished Documents” folder. After completing this document preparation stage, StarFind takes over, automatically indexing and archiving images. StarFind.
A CSV extension file is generated containing all elements required to index and archive the information using your preferred archiving program..
Functioning as a Client/Server, setting up tasks as well as correcting data can be performed
simultaneously. Multiple data entry is also enabled by pooling data entry.

Main features
  • Graphical, Windows based interface
  • Multipost architecture
  • BMP, GIF, JPEG and TIFF formats fully supported
  • Supports PDF format files
  • Automatic or manual feed for image acquisition
  • Image handling tools such as zoom, rotate etc.
  • Recognition for up to 96 languages
  • Ability to define the language of any document
  • Possibility of composing a set of characters to keep full control over indexes
  • Archives managed hierarchically
  • Management of rejects
  • Index fields can be numeric, alphanumeric or date formats
  • Index structure can be automatically determined from StarFind archives
  • Geographical management over the location of index fields (recognition mode)
  • Limitation of freedom of the indexing field area
  • Definable indexing template for each document type
  • Selection of an index area within an image using a mouse
  • Index identification by OCR
  • Batch processing
  • Production of index values file in CSV format for archiving
  • Forms an automatic interface with StarFind (SQL-Server or Oracle)
  • Interfaces with many other archival systems
  • Fully automatic archival when using StarFind
  • Generates a file with statistical information on the information processed

Configuration required

Works on Windows 98, Windows 2000,  Windows 2003 and Windows 2008
Minimum requirement 128K RAM – 256K recommended
Minimum image definition: 300 x 300 dpi
SQL-Server or Oracle required for interfacing to StarSafe

Available in English and French (program and reference manuals)