StarLaunch Automation

The module for the intercepting data and initiating tasks, StarLaunch initiates and performs this function by executing a program or a script depending on the intercepted files name, type, extension or contents..

In addition to managing program call-ups, the StarLaunch module also manages requests for printing and printers. A single access point can be used to control and secure access to all network printers, local or remote.

The highly evolved graphic interface can provide an overview of all activities, or a filtered view of specific print requests. It also authorizes secure access to be able to control printers.

Main features
  • Functions in Client/Server mode
  • Incorporates a Web interface
  • Secure login
  • Individualized interface according to user profile
  • Defines user groups
  • Conditional launching of tasks
  • Print queue management
  • Configuration of all printers, local or distant
  • Automatic backup after printing
  • Reprinting of backed up files
  • Configuration for the length of time backed-up files are kept.
  • Automatic routing
  • Modification of print queues with cut and paste
  • Multiple criteria selection
  • Print preview through the use of external ASCII, PCL or PostScript preview tools
  • Any program can be called up automatically to receive the appropriate data and parameters
  • Simultaneous access to multiple StarLaunch servers
  • StarDispatch and StarPage automatically called up to run predefined scenarios
  • Data automatically transferred to temporary folder, awaiting archival by StarFind
  • Graphical representation of printer status (Waiting, Online, Offline, Printing…)
  • Supports LPR/LPD – (RFC 1179)
  • Supports SNMP – (RFC 1759)
  • SupportsLDAP – (RFC 2251 u. w.)
  • Certified SAP/R3
  • Supports cluster mode
  • Web interface available

StarLaunch/Client functions in English and French versions under Windows (98, 2000, 2003, XP, NT4).
StarLaunch/Server functions in English and French versions on all Windows servers supported by Microsoft.