StarJet Design

StarJet Design is the graphics tool for designing and developing documents. Establishing electronic page design, positioning and reformatting of data is fully intuitive with this decentralized and independently operating module.

With a Windows graphical interface , StarJet Design is extremely easy to use and doesn’t require any specialist skills. By displaying your input file (as generated by your information systems), drawing the form you need and dragging relevant information where you want it to be included on the future document, this module gives you a chance to easily enhance your reports and build communication documents. Supported input formats are : ASCII, SAP/RDI, XML, CSV, spool files etc…


Document layout is a great way to enhance your company’s communication by highlighting relevant information, making all of your documents look according to company’s chart (even when data has been prepared by various applications).
Using StarJet design such target can be easily reached either for printing or for delivering in other formats such as PDF or XML (to be sent out by e-mail for exemple).
StarJet Design generates a scenario that can then be handled by StarPage – the document production engine of StarJet DMS – that is in charge of generating document by itself, automatically, either Windows or Unix servers.

User can view a document layout, test the data content or simulate a « production dry run » anytime during the documents’ development. A local printout can also be produced whenever required.
Previewing is achieved through use of the integrated StarView module. Real time debugging is available and production of expected document can be followed step by step as well as variables contents to visually check functions and see the end-result as it is being built.

All operations performed with StarJet Design are fully compatible with the other modules within the StarJet Solution.

Main features

Runs under 32 bit Windows OS
Supported input formats are ASCII, SAP/RDI, XML, CSV, spool files etc.
Can generate PCL, ASCII, XML, HTML, EDI, PDF… formats
Converts dates and numbers to litteral in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese
Supports internal printer fonts

X-tree built-in display for XML input files
Support for specific downloadable fonts (CMC7, Cyrillic, Hebrew…)
All current bar codes supported
Optional support for Arabic
Support color or monochrome TIFF files
Automatic conversion of BMP files to downloadable fonts and characters

Access to standard functions with StarJet solution:

  • arithmetic operations (+, -, *, /, modulo)
  • character string operations (extract, compare, align, uppercase, lowercase, concatenate…)
  • Algorithms for bar codes 39, Code 93, Interleave 2of5, EAN13, EAN 8, Code 128, Datamatrix, PDF417 and Postnet
  • PDF417 supported through the use of a single downloadable font (optional).

Configuration of printer page layouts

  • Dynamic choice of feeder and output trays
  • Dynamic choice of paper formats [standard or personalized]
  • Dynamic choice of duplex-simplex mode
  • Dynamic choice of page orientation [portrait, landscape]
[all these choices can be varied from one page to another within a single printed document]

Advanced programming functions [While, If-then-else, For, Case, macros…] Integrated graphical debugging tool:

  • step by step function
  • break point selection
  • follow-up vizualisation while generating documents
  • inspection of variables

A complete and integrated page editor

Software and reference manuals available in English and French.