StarDispacth Dispatching

From document to selective distribution. Operations for selective document dispatching are performed by the StarDispatch module. It allows data streams to be split or merged for distribution by the most appropriate media such as printer, electronic mail, fax or the Company's archive server.


StarDispatch gives user a way to actually concentrate and dispatch data flow according to any conditions he needs to manage. StarDispatchcan read various files (including stdin for exceptionnal data entry), merge various formats (spool files, ASCII, XML, CSV, …), split them according to data contents, sort documents in these combined data flow, and finally feed other StarJet modules (or external programs) to actually process the result. User may also duplicate documents, filter input according to various criteriae and automatically select the most appropriate distribution channel.When combined together, all these features can be used to create up to international very large scale projects.StarDispatch interfaces directly with StarPage to generate paper, XML, PDF or other documents.It works in conjunction with StarEmail to send e-mails and with StarFind to archive documents or make them available over the Web. Also working in combination with any third party user program, StarDispatch can perform the same vital data preparation even for non-StarJet systems.

StarDispatch Design

All of these features are easily set-up by using StarDispatch-Design’s project modeling graphical interface running under Windows.

Main features
  • Graphical, Windows based interface
  • Merges data streams on a page / document basis
  • Splits data streams on a page / document basis
  • Sorts document
StarDispatch is available for unix, major linux, Windows server or Windows workstation.StarDispatch-Design works on Windows 98, XP, 2000 or 2003..