Software document management in sales managment

The software document management has now become a part of a company’s life. From incoming order forms to outgoing invoices, the Sales Department documents must be handled in a fast, simple and effective way. Incoming documents are scanned, dispatched to the various departments and securely archived. Outgoing documents are dynamic and adapted to the customer’s needs. They can be enhanced by including promotional messages, company logos or the use of particular functions such as printing checks for example … All sales departments wish they can select dynamically the way outgoing documents circulate (mail, fax, e-mail, PDF) and/or to archive them. The StarJet solution answers these requirements :

software document management
  • Incoming supplier invoices are handled by the scanning software which then sends them to be loaded into the electronic archiving system;
  • Order forms are submitted to a validation circuit of within the electronic signature book;
  • Our publishing software also allows to print checks along with their specific MICR and Ocr-A/Ocr-B characters;
  • Once digitized, the order forms are loaded in the electronic archiving system, StarSafe;
  • The dematerialized invoices are produced by StarPage. The output is usually PDF or XML format, and sent directly by e-mail to the customers;
  • Free yourself from preprinted forms and existing layouts by redesigning invoices thanks to an evolved, simple and effective software document management.


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