Securing access to the documents – electronic archiving

The contents of the archived documents can sometimes be confidential, even highly confidential. Thus payrolls, general sales conditions, quality control reports or simply bank statements are documents that no company wishes to see in indelicate hands.

StarSafe, our electronic archiving software and StarParaph, our electronic signature book have both been developed with this in mind. This is what governed their design: access to the documents must be secure from beginning to end!

StarSafe, which allows the archiving of many types of documents, offers a configurable access security management. An exceptional granularity, makes it possible to manage access rights down to the document. It also allows to define which user or which group has the permission to access each archive(s) or document(s).

The embedded encryption system amplifies the guarantee perfectly controlled and secure access. Furthermore, StarSafe logs all the activity, which allows subsequently to determine who viewed which document, when and where (user, doc-ID, timestamp, IP address, etc…).