Secure your electronic documents

Efficient access management is essential to the electronic archiving system. For example, it is not conceivable that a data processing specialist can consult the General Management’s payroll. It is also unacceptable that a head of department can consult the bank statements of customers that are not from his agency.

The electronic archiving module of EDMS solution, StarJet, makes it possible to define the secured and protected access strategy for each file/document. This is entirely related to the contents of each archived document. Furthermore, mechanisms deny external access to the archives.

Each archive can be individually encrypted and for each one, it can be requested to configure a control of integrity system. The archived documents are thus accessible only by the individuals to which the administrator granted the rights of access. Any unauthorized access is strictly impossible.

The onboard control of integrity allows the authorities who wish to do so, to make sure that no one or nothing altered the document between the moment it was indexed, loaded and viewed. Starjet’s electronic archiving module brings the absolute guarantee of confidentiality, security and integrity of the documents.

Lastly, the logging of all occurring events in the system makes it possible to later recover the trace of any document containing the name, IP address, reference of the document, user ID and access date and time. 

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