Secure electronic archiving of documents

All documents, whether they be incoming or outgoing, are potential candidates for electronic archiving. Certain documents present only a temporary interest (such as delivery notes) and will be archived, with no particular precaution, for a 6 months limited period.

Invoices, on the other hand, are « sensitive » documents because they can be requested by the Department of Finances over the next 10 years. Besides a guarantee of longtime archiving during a determined time period, it will be asked that the document’s integrity be guaranteed at all time.

Documents relating to the Human Resources, in particular payrolls, also need to be archived for a long period of time, even longer than invoices. Furthermore, these documents require total confidentiality: no one, except for the President and HR Manager can consult the President’s salary!

The electronic archiving module of our Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) StarJet covers all these functionalities and requirements in a reliable and effective way.

Built around renowned database server such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL, the archiving module is full web and integrates a simple and intuitive user interface, for whoever knows how to use a browser. For example, the archiving module’s training sessions take usually 2 days for the administrator and only a few minutes for the users.

The archived documents can be of any origin: incoming documents issued by the digitization module, outgoing documents generated by the publishing module, validated documents issued at the end of a workflow circuit (via the electronic signature book) or documents conceived by various office software applications.

Try and assess StarJet’s performance and simplicity. Do not hesitate to contact our team is there to assist you in the steps of your project. You have a project ? Want to know more ?