On-demand printing or production of documents

When a functional application allows to produce on-demand editions (unitary document), it is possible to obtain, automatically, the production of the desired document in the adapted format (paper if one has a printer and if the document should not be altered) or electronic in the other cases.

The electronic document obtained (generally PDF) can then be easily enriched by an office software application up to the document’s finalization. Once the modifications are carried out in the final document, a click of an additional button in MSWord or MSOutlook, allows its transfer to a validation circuit (electronic signature book) or its immediate loading into the electronic archiving system.

This capability to deliver, on the users’ desktop, a document produced “on-demand and on-the-fly” is particularly useful for: 

  • Creating an amendment to a Contract (insurance, loan, employment…),
  • Printing « at the counter » bank statements …