Electronic signature book: the documents workflow

The circulation of documents in a company or a local authority is always a delicate subject. How can one make sure that the received mail will be addressed to the correct department? How can one have the absolute guarantee that it will be correctly treated, that a reply will be sent if necessary, and that everything will be carried out on time? How to be sure that the mail that arrives during a vacation period does not finish in 3 or 4 weeks in a basket where it will be forgotten? How to undoubtedly know in which phase of its treatment is the absence request form? Lastly, how to be absolutely certain that the Contract of Employment will not be lost during the validation process?

In answer to all these questions, the workflow module (electronic signature book) was conceived. Circuits conditioned by particular information, delegation management, right of withdrawal, capability of automated electronic archiving along with the “film” of the circuit… Everything contributes to bring to the user the guarantees requested, using a simple web interface.

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