Electronic Document Management within the Industrial world

Industry, by its permanent need for exchange of all types of documents, takes easily advantage in using our electronic Document Management System. Amongst the numerous applications in which our software turn to be useful and effective, we can quote these examples :

  • Digitizing documents allows to electronically cross-check the validity of dates, signatures and information mentioned in motor booklets;       
  • The submission of provision requests to a validation circuit (workflow) in an electronic signature book;
  • Quality Control Reports are loaded to a secured electronic archiving system;
  • Designing documents such as Manufacturing Orders (MO) is quickly done using the drawing module. Once printed, they will be easily read by the staff on the production line;
  • Barcode labels are produced at high-speed using thedocument production & editingsoftware;
  • The EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) system will adapt to the dispatching mode of the orders sent to the supplier: print or dematerialization.

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