Electronic Document Management and Financial activities

Financial services (insurance companies, banks or credit institutions) are all brought to handle big volumes of documents, both incoming (mail) and outgoing (contracts, statements …). These few examples directly arise from applications integrated  by our customers :

  • Digitalization of the incoming document « Accident Report », then submission to the electronic signature book for later processing via a predefined workflow;
  • Data is submitted to the electronic publishing system to print statements or produce PDF files if dematerialization mode is accurate
  • All documents can be directly printed in the target country through the document management software or produced as PDF, if an electronic distribution is needed;
  • As soon as the Bank Statements are printed, a PDF copy is sent and loaded into the electronic archiving system;
  • The designing  of the document « Call for Subscription » is done using a graphic tool present in our EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) solution;
  • Loan offers will be printed only after validation through the workflow of the electronic signature book

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