Electronic archiving module : StarSafe

StarSafe is the electronic archiving module of the global StarJet solution. Entirely supported on web browsers, it removes, by the simplicity of its navigation, any need for training for the personnel who is brought to consult documents. The « administrator » training only requires 2 days. Here is a brief summary of the functions StarSafe offers:

  • Automated indexing of all types of files (Office, XML, ASCII, PDF, etc…),
  • Manual indexing of files of other natures (music, video, etc…),
  • Local or remote (via Web services) loading,
  • Direct or programmed consultation (via Web services),
  • Compatibility ADELE,
  • Compatibility PES V2,
  • Intensive logging of all events, including authorized access,
  • embedded encryption,
  • Control of integrity,
  • Optional Active Directory interfacing …

The capability of securing the documents allows to exploit these archives in an “at your disposal » mode, whether it is to remotely monitor a payroll in the verge of preparation or for important customers to download online invoices which are intended for them.

Finally, the maximum security that governs the access to the documents makes this software adapted to the electronic archiving of sensitive documents such as payrolls or other HR documents.