Digitizing documents and extracting (OCR) search indexes

Incoming documents can be either paper or electronic(formatted: fax, PDF, Word… or structured: EDI, XML…). The dematerialization module of the StarJet solution allows to control scanners in order to digitize and convert paper documents inPDF format.

The electronic documents (digitized paper or incoming PDF) can then go through the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) softwaretoextractall essential information (invoice number, total amount, date of payment, etc…) before loading them into the electronic archiving system.

An automated process in the workflow module (electronic signature book) is also possible in order to make sure that the documents arec orrectly submitted to the appropriate authorities and treated according to a predefined procedures, preventing any possible errors or loss of any documents from the circuits.

Thus, a sick leave document can be digitized, loaded automatically in the electronic archiving system at the HR Dept. and simultaneously submitted to a workflow circuit for validation by the payroll staff.

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