Composition and printing of documents

The publishing module follows predefined rules programed during the designing phase of the documents. After treatment, documents can be intended for printing or generated electronically as XML or PDF files which than can be :

  • Addressed by email to their recipients,
  • Placed at the disposal of their recipients in a protected space located at your convenience,
  • Archived for later consultation.

In all cases, the documents will be entirely dynamic and will adapt to the recipient’s wishes. Additional modules exist to address particular needs, such as :

  • Production of documents including UTF-8 characters (Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, etc…),
  • Compatibility with ISO-8859-6 characters (Arabic),
  • Query external files or database to read and/or recover complementary information (unavailable in the original document),
  • Generation of b&w PDFs,
  • Generation of color PDFs,
  • Generation of PDF/A (NF Z 42-013 French standard for electronic archiving),
  • Production of various 2D barcodes such as EAN8, EAN13, 3of9, Interlaced 2of5, Code128,
  • Production of 3D barcodes such as Datamatrix, PDF417, QR-Code, Maxicode,
  • Printing checks (CMC7, OCR-A, OCR-B characters, magnetic ink management).
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