Automated document processing

StarDaemon is a very light automation solution to handle document’ s processing. This module intercepts any file generated by any application software in a predefined monitored directory. A simplified configuration makes it possible to define which treatment is to be applied to the file, according to its filename, its prefix, its suffix or even the contents of a technical line.

For example:

  • Any file named pay.dat (containing the company’s payroll) must be processed by StarPage to generate the pay slips, then must be sent for archive using StarSafe.
  • Any file with suffix .inv (invoices) must be processed by StarDispatch to dynamically select the distribution mode of the invoices. They must then be formatted by StarPage, according to the scenario created in StarJet-Design.
  • The PDF files put in the monitored directory must be sent to StarOCR for « optical character recognition », then submitted to a specific validation circuit in the electronic signature book  (documents’ workflow).